What we Somalians want

Bericht van de Somalische vluchtelingen


Pressrelease - wednesday may 23, 2012



What we Somalians want:


1) We are not ready to accept detention camp or VBL, almost the same as prison.

2) We are not ready to do an other interview with the IND about our asylumrequest, because we all did allready more than two interviews, in the mean time, the IND didn't respect all the evidence that we collected.

3) We are not ready to coöperate with DT&V because the situation in Somalia is very dangerous, that means to return to Somalia is not possible.


There are some goals that we are targeting to reach:


1) We are requesting from the Dutch government to recognize us as refugees.


2) They have to delete our fingerprints from the 'Dublin'-system, so we can be able to go to other countries to ask sylum.

3) If all this suggestions are not accepted, then the Dutch government has to ask other countries to accept us as refugees such as Germany, France, United States of America, there are also other EU- countries who give over refugees to other countries such as Malta.



Abdisalam Yasin Ali (outside): 06 855 111 30

Samatar (kamp 2): 06 179 88 466

Nuuradiin: (kamp 1) 06 41 444 048

Yasin (buiten) 06  855 111 30

Ali Mohamed Abdille (kamp 3) 06 86 12 13 11


Namens de Somalische vluchtelingen van tentenkamp 1, 2 en 3 en de mensen 'outside', van de zelforganisatie 'Vluchtelingen op Straat' / Refugees on the Street



We zijn bezig een dossier samen te stellen met alle documenten en informatie die hun zaak ondersteunen en die aantonen dat er onjuistheden staan in de brief die de minister gisteren aan de Kamer stuurde (22 mei).