Information regarding the Covid-19 vaccine in Utrecht

Everyone currently staying in the Netherlands can choose to get a Covid-19 vaccination.
  • - You don't need to make an appointment.
  • - You don’t need to have a residence permit,  ID-card or health insurance. 
  • - If possible you can bring a document with your name and birthdate on it, to register in the vaccination document.
  • - The vaccine is free.
  • - Getting vaccinated is completely voluntary. 
  • - You can choose between the Janssen (1 shot) and Pfizer (2 shots) vaccine.
  • - Your details will not be shared with any government agencies (i.e. the police, department of justice)
  • - If you are pregnant, you can only get the pfizer vaccine.
  • - Please come by yourself. In case you have difficulty walking, or you don’t speak any English or Dutch you can bring one person with you.

QR code exampleYou need a QR-code? Send an email to or whatsapp/sms to 0630390571 (text only)

Vaccination locations in Utrecht: Kanaleneiland, Overvecht, Lombok & Jaarbeurs
At the location you can
  • - get information about the vaccine
  • - get help to fill in the health declaration
  • - ask questions to a doctor
What to take with you
  • - If you have it, something that has your name & date of birth written on it
  • - Facemask
  • - Loose-fitting shirt (the vaccine will be administered in your upper arm)
  • - A completed Health Statement [download PDF]. No printer? Come by the office to pick up a form.
  • - Relevant medical details: What medication are you on, letters from the hospital, contact details of your general practitioner etc.
More information


Contact details
  • - Email: 
  • - Whatsapp / SMS: 06 3039 0571 
  • - Text only, please. Don’t call or leave a voicemail.