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Need help?

Here you can read for what help you can contact STIL or other organisations



You can ask help, shelter and advise from the 'Aanmeldloket'

  • Monday 10:00 – 12:30
  • Tuesday  13:00 – 15:30
  • Friday 10:00 – 12:30


De Wijkplaats, Johannes Camphuysstraat 101, Utrecht. A side street from the Kanaalstraat. You can walk in 15 minutes from the station. or call 0618742750.


Legal consultation hours STIL

Every Thursday, 9.30 to 12 noon

Watch out: May 26 no consultation hour

Do you have no residence permit and would you like legal advice from STIL? Starting April 7, you can come (every) Thursday from 9.30 a.m. till 12 noon. Here you can ask any question about your rights and (legal and other) possibilities.

If it cannot wait till April 7 or if you cannot come on thursdays, you can send your question by mail to or call us on 030-2715483, we are available on Monday, Tuesday-afternoon and Thursday for legal questions. 

Adress: Laan van Nieuw Guinea 143, 3531JH Utrecht.


Medical Consulting hour

If you have no residence permit you cannot get health insurance but you have the right to get 'necessary' medical care. 

We advise you to try to contact your GP (general doctor) yourself, if you have medical questions. You can go to the nearest doctor in the area were you are staying. If you cannot do it by yourself, you can ask the help of STIL.

We prefer that you ask help by mail: or by phone wednesday-morning 9-11 a.m: 030 2713463. If not possible, if it cannot wait till wednesday or in urgent situations call or app 06 24269417. 

Medical consultation hours wednesday from 9 am till 11 am

If you cannot make an appointment yourself with the GP, doctor or other healthcare, and if you cannot send an email or call STIL, you can come for help or advise to the medical consultation hours, wednesdaymorning at the office of STIL.

Adress STIL: Laan van Nieuw Guinea 143


In case of emergency or accident you can always go to the first aid of the hospital, ask your GP for advise or call 112.  


What information to give to doctor/GP or hospital?
If you go to a doctor/GP or hospital yourself, please inform them that you have no insurance, but that there is a possibility for them to get financial compensation for your care, via het CAK:

Of course you can always pay the treatment if you have enough money. But if you pay in advance you will not be able to get it back later. 

Please note: Only the doctor can request the reimbursement, neither you nor STIL.

Not for every help you can get compensation. for example not for dentist, physiotherapy, glasses or birthcontrol. If you cannot pay yourself, you can ask the help of STIL.


Information about Corona-vaccination

Read here more about vaccination.


Homeless consultation hour

Every Monday from 10a.m.-12 noon you can come to STIL for care products (such as deodorant, sanitary towels, shampoo, etc.).

We can also help you if you need (second-hand) clothing, a jacket, shoes, a sleeping bag or something else.
We can tell you where in the city you can go for food or other help and activities such as sports or Dutch lessons.

Address: STIL, Laan van Nieuw Guinea 143.


A (warm) meal

The following places provide free food: 
Villa Vrede: Open all days except Sunday & Monday. Food is usually provided around 13.00 hrs.
Address; Wijnesteinlaan 4, Utrecht. 

Ubuntuhuis: Monday and Tuesday open from 9.30 - 15u, lunch around 13 hrs. Adress: Vleutenseweg 172.

* Wijkplaats: Every sunday, 18 hrs, take-away food at the door. Adress: Joh Camphuysstraat 101.

Unfortunately het Smulhuis is closed for people who do not sleep at the Sleep-Inn.

You can ask STIL for possibilities to get food.